The First Mask Made For Festivals

Mask made by mmmaciej at Plump Art Studio. Untitled, mixed media

When you lack expertise in some departments, you can always make up for them in others. As a person who considers themselves to not be very good at drawing, I’ve often compensated with lots of detail. It was this style of thinking that lead to creating a lot of work for myself to build what…

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Carving 'DEAD WOOD', A Wooden Mask

Dead Wood Mask

Carving Beautiful Things. After some months of carving spoons I started wondering what else I could make with wood. Having been recently inspired to make masks for the Blazing Swan festival, it became obvious that this a carved wood mask would be the next step. Armed with a log of Fiddlewood (Citharexylum spinosum), some carving…

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Making the Apocalyptomagic Mask

The Apocalyptomagic Mask. Made in early 2015.

Learning to create masks. When it comes to making masks, I am still experimenting and learning.  Finding good information on the internet is sometimes difficult especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Sometimes you don’t start with a plan, you just start making and see where it goes.  This is how the…

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