What on earth is going on here?


Plump Art Studio: Home of artist and tinkerer mmmaciej (pronounced ma-chey) where he makes art, teaches workshops and write articles about art and interviews artists.

The goal of the studio is to be an excellent creative space that gets more people interested in art,  it's practitioners, the various techniques available. It's about sharing innovation and discoveries with the worldwide arts community.

Plump Art Studio is situated in my backyard in beautiful and leafy White Gum Valley next to Fremantle, Western Australia.  It's built from mostly scavenged and recycled materials sourced from pallets, free Gumtree listings, and curious neighbours.  Plump cost very little money to build but did take a lot of time! Fortunately, there was some help from friends and housemates which gave inspiration and extra hands.

With so many creative people in our communities that don't get use their skills because they don't have the facilities or tools to make their visions a reality, a change is needed.  Imagine a space where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can come and liberate their imaginations.  A space that is encouraging and helps folks make their creative vision a reality.  That space is coming to us as Stage 2 of Plump Art Studio.