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How to make your art and photos look great.

By Plump Art Studio / February 9, 2017

Big Fat Lines: How to make your photos look great. Most people have played around with filter apps on their phones to make their great photos look even better. App stores offer a variety of them and they are lot of fun to play with. While it is fun it’s generally not something a serious photographer or artist would use. Well probably not anyway. Sometimes it is good to use these tools as an intermediate step when altering your digital photography or art. I also think you shouldn’t limit yourself only to apps. The web is full of really cool tools for altering your images and we will continue to let you know about them! I discovered one such tool not to long ago. is a fun tool for images. You upload an image to the site, then some computer happens and you have a new image. If you use Twitter, you can find the author @LINIFYme. Using filters to inspire better art. This is a fun tool to have a play with and it makes great images on its own, but you could take it to the next level using GIMP or Photoshop. Play around with various filters…

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