Mask made by mmmaciej at Plump Art Studio. Untitled, mixed media

The First Mask Made For Festivals

By Plump Art Studio / July 13, 2017

When you lack expertise in some departments, you can always make up for them in others. As a person who considers themselves to not be very good at drawing, I’ve often compensated with lots of detail. It was this style of thinking that lead to creating a lot of work for myself to build what is essentially a very simple mask. There is nothing wrong with doing things this way and often it’s a great way to learn. I have not given this mask a name but here is a blurry picture of it. How it was meant to be… My original thoughts with this mask were to cover it rhinestones so that when the sun or lights caressed it’s beautiful face, it would shine like a little disco ball. My inspiration came very loosely from the amazing and intricate art made by the Huichol people who use tiny glass beads to make intricate patterns over sculptures and artifacts.  One day I will do a version two of this project and make it better with the skills I learnt from this one. Get Mask Materials Cheap and Then Punish Yourself I have found Ebay and China to be a great source…

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Dead Wood Mask

Carving ‘DEAD WOOD’, A Wooden Mask

By Plump Art Studio / August 9, 2016

Carving Beautiful Things. After some months of carving spoons I started wondering what else I could make with wood. Having been recently inspired to make masks for the Blazing Swan festival, it became obvious that this a carved wood mask would be the next step. Armed with a log of Fiddlewood (Citharexylum spinosum), some carving knives, an axe and some gouges, I started chipping away. As per usual there was no real plan for what I was making, I was after all, just experimenting. Other than mushrooms, there is another motif that I’m quite fond of which is skulls. Many years ago I was reading a zine (don’t ask, I can’t remember) and it had some kid asking a punk why punks always have skeletons in their artwork. To this the punk replied something along the lines of “we use skeletons because they’re humans without the judgement we make on gender, size, skin colour & ethnicity”. I always loved this and look at skulls with this thought often in mind. How fitting it is then, to make a carved wood mask in the shape of a skull! How the carved wooden mask ‘Dead Wood’ came together… My first goal was…

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The Apocalyptomagic Mask. Made in early 2015.

Making the Apocalyptomagic Mask

By Plump Art Studio / August 1, 2016

Learning to create masks. When it comes to making masks, I am still experimenting and learning.  Finding good information on the internet is sometimes difficult especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Sometimes you don’t start with a plan, you just start making and see where it goes.  This is how the ‘Apocalyptomagic Mask’ came into existence. It started with making a paper mache slop for the ‘Horny Cyclops’ hat and I had plenty of the said slop left over. I got the recipe off the net somewhere and stored it in my memory, which in hindsight was probably not the best idea.  I pressed the slop to a steel bowl and waited for it dry. After some days, I detached it from the bowl and it sat in the studio for a while until I thought to poke some holes into it. It suddenly became obvious that the ingredient I forgot from the seemingly great recipe was what made it stronger. You see, while filing the holes to make them smooth, the mask bowl fell to pieces which in turn made me somewhat sad and thus I decided to spend the rest of the day binge…

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