Mask made by mmmaciej at Plump Art Studio. Untitled, mixed media

The First Mask Made For Festivals

When you lack expertise in some departments, you can always make up for them in others. As a person who considers themselves to not be very good at drawing, I’ve often compensated with lots of detail. It was this style of thinking that lead to creating a lot of work for myself to build what…

Colourful photo digital art image of person psychedelic

How to make your art and photos look great.

Mask Make Face Blazing Swan Party Festival

Making Faces: An easy way to look sexy at festivals

'Umoya' Cardboard and foam mask. 2016.

Masks made from cardboard are crap

Polypress print by mmmaciej

Discover Polypress Relief Prints

How to make reduction linocuts. Learn Printmaking

9 Amazing Facts About Reduction Linocuts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Dead Wood Mask

Carving ‘DEAD WOOD’, A Wooden Mask

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Gronk – Linocut by mmmaciej 2015

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Polypress PVC Sheet

Polypress Sheet: 10xA4 Sheets (297x210mm) for Relief Printmaking

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Polypress PVC Sheet

Polypress Sheet: 10xA5 Sheets (148x210mm) for Relief Printmaking

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Polypress PVC Sheet

Polypress Sheet: 10xA3 Sheets (297x420mm) for Relief Printmaking

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