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Mask made by mmmaciej at Plump Art Studio. Untitled, mixed media

The First Mask Made For Festivals

When you lack expertise in some departments, you can always make up for them in others. As a person who considers themselves to not be very good at drawing, I’ve often compensated with lots of detail. It was this style of thinking that lead to creating a lot of work for myself to build what…

Colourful photo digital art image of person psychedelic

How to make your art and photos look great.

Big Fat Lines: How to make your photos look great. Most people have played around with filter apps on their phones to make their great photos look even better. App stores offer a variety of them and they are lot of fun to play with. While it is fun it’s generally not something a serious…

Mask Make Face Blazing Swan Party Festival

Making Faces: An easy way to look sexy at festivals

Facing it Let’s face it, many cultures throughout the earth use masks as part of expressing their history and cultural mythologies along with songs, stories, festivals and the like. To my dismay, they are not really part of contemporary Australian culture. Maybe in a few hundred years as our history grows and we develop mythologies…

'Umoya' Cardboard and foam mask. 2016.

Masks made from cardboard are crap

‘Real’ masks are from something else… It has always seemed to me that cardboard masks are something you make in primary school. If I wanted to take this art seriously then I was going to use everything but, because masks made from cardboard are crap. It appears that I was wrong. This material is cheap,…

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Polypress PVC Sheet

Polypress Sheet: 10xA3 Sheets (297x420mm) for Relief Printmaking

$63.20 inc. GST

Polypress PVC Sheet

Polypress Sheet: 10xA4 Sheets (297x210mm) for Relief Printmaking

$39.20 inc. GST

Polypress PVC Sheet

Polypress Sheet: 10xA5 Sheets (148x210mm) for Relief Printmaking

$23.20 inc. GST