Polypress print by mmmaciej

Discover Polypress Relief Prints

By Plump Art Studio / September 19, 2016

Polypress Relief Printing: A New Discovery? Sometimes it is quite rewarding to think outside the box. Today has reaped such reward and I’ve made a new discovery in the world of printmaking: Polypress relief prints. This technique brings a whole new style of creativity to the world of printmaking! As the discoverer of this new technique I figure I get to name it and it shall be named… Polypress! Poly meaning many, and press because that’s what you do. What are Polypress Relief Prints? Polypress relief prints are made on a special type of PVC that you press with a nail, pin or similar object. I have also used lino cutting tools on it with great success and it holds an amazing amount of detail.  Even the smallest pinpricks show up in the print! For my very first test of polypress I used a pen to draw and press on the sheet. Once I finished this sketch I inked it up with some oil based ink and made a few quick prints to see if it works, which it did! A good proof of concept but this little sketch did not really test the substrate as a printmaking medium enough.…

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How to make reduction linocuts. Learn Printmaking

9 Amazing Facts About Reduction Linocuts That Will Blow Your Mind!

By Plump Art Studio / August 27, 2016

Reduction Linocuts There are many ways to make colourful prints but one of my favourite is reduction linocuts. It is a method of relief printmaking where you only use one plate to make all the colour plates for your print. They are sometimes referred to as ‘suicide‘ prints. If you want to learn about printmaking then this is a great second step because: Colourful prints are beautiful! You will learn about registration. You will see how inks interact with other. There are ample opportunities to learn to deal with frustration. You’ll find out how many colours you can pile up on one bit of paper. You could discover that failure is OK because it’s a great teacher. You will challenge yourself and grow. It is likely you will get a great sense of achievement even if your linocut print isn’t perfect! All your friends will be very impressed with your skills (maybe…). Having gotten my hands on a new etching press, I decided to push the limits of my knowledge and experience. I wanted to open up new possibilities with printmaking! Previously I had used a baren or a wooden spoon to press my woodcuts and linocuts. This process is…

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